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A Study Tour

March 12, 2012

We live in the capital. It is impossible to live near nature who lives in the capital. The people who live in capital or some big cities they are usually busy only with their work. So a journey or a tour to nature can refresh people. Recently we went for a Study Tour to Ramghar Kagrachari and Mirersharai Chittagong. Though it was a one day tour. But we really made so much in the tour. We started our journey at 6.30am at morning. But I stayed the whole night in the bus before the tour. It was really a good experience for me. After starting our journey we started making fun on the bus. We sang, we dance on the bus. Really a different feeling for us. Especially for the boys. We took Tehari a local food in Bangladesh as our breakfast. Then we reached Fenni at 12.00pm and took our launch from a hotel. Then we reached such a natural place where we only saw trees and green field. The road was not so wide but quite nice because of its natural view. After some moments suddenly the rain comes and that make the environment more beautiful. When we entered the way to Ramghar it began to rain cats and dog.   There were hills  around the two sides of the road and sometimes we go up on the hill and sometimes down. Because the road was made between the hills so  we’re feeling that we are up on the hill and down on the hill. After that we reached at a Tea Garden. After entering the tea garden we saw tea plan and everywhere where we look is full of tea plants. We took a lot of photos in there. We made a lot of fun in there. After one an hour we came back to the bus. Time was short so couldn’t stay a long time in there. But there were surprised for us. Then we took our launch in the running bus. It was a different experience for us. The weather becomes good the sun has come again and the road was dry so our driver was driving fast at that time. And we were enjoying. After half an hour we reached another spot which is called Mohamaya Project. It was such a nice place. I will share pics of it in this post how was the place. There were a lot of hills everywhere and around the hills there were water. So we start our journey by boat. We watched the whole place by boat. Where we saw we saw green trees and hills everywhere. We saw innumerable birds. After one and a half hour we come back to our bus. Then we start our journey to the capital again. But there were so many fun in our mind. Mind was fresh. Those who went to that tour become friend with one another. The main purpose of the tour was to create a good relationship among the classmates and to build up unity among the student. And we succeed. Now we are planning for a long tour for the next time.

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